Melanie Cecil
I hope that everyone has a safe, fun summer.  I will miss everyone so much! Below are some tips to have a great summer and to prepare for August!

1. Read, Read, Read-Enjoy Scholastic Summer Reading List and you may find familiar books we read this year as well as new ones. Visit the public library for lots of summer fun. A great time to read is before bed (but any time is perfect). Be expressive while you read and make reading fun. Use fun voices and sound like the character! Ask questions while you're reading and allow tchild to make predictions. This is a great bonding time, ENJOY!  

2. Bedtime routine- It is summer, so late nights are fun! August will be here before we know it. Having a routine bed time will help your child's body rest properly. It will also make those summer days much more manageable. Having a routine bed time in the summer also helps the transition in August when we are all so groggy! Children at age 6 need 9-12 hours per night! :)

3. Practice tying those shoes over the summer!

4. Each child received a journal this summer. Write down some of the awesome things you're doing this summer! I would love to see them when you come back as a first grader! 

5. Work on manners as you eat as a family together-whether it be in a restaurant or at home!

6. Go outside and play! Play in  the rain, jump in mud puddles, run through the sprinkler...get dirty!

7. Relax-enjoy the summer. Don't feel the need to go, go, go! 

8. Remember the golden rule-treat others how you'd like to be treated. Reach out and make a friend!

I love you all! Have a wonderful summer!