Amber McKinney

This is going to be a WONDERful year!!!! I hope you have had a restful summer and are ready to tackle 5th grade! We are going to read, read, read and work on Social Studies through present day.  I am so excited watch you grow and become middle school ready over the next few months! 

Ms. McKinney 

5th Grade ELA/SS 
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Reading: My goal is to instill a love for reading in all my students, as well as work on comprehension. During reading, we will work on Cold Read activities.  This tests students ability to think deeply and use evidence from a story to answer questions.  This will take place frequently and all the answers can be found within the story, this is not a "study" type activity. 

Writing We will work on Narrative, Persuasive, Informational and Text dependent writing. Writing is a process that never truly ends, so grades will be taken through writing strategy practices completed in class. 

Social Studies: We will work on content right after the Civil War through present day events. Students' will take small quizzes and then one large unit assessment for each Social Studies unit.