Technology Services

Technology Services

The Technology Department assists in the identification, implementation and training of technology methods that most effectively and efficiently increases student achievement by:
  • Supporting instruction based on academic standards.
  • Making curriculum content more immediate and relevant to students, thereby, increasing the likelihood of students’ processing the information into long-term memory.
  • Providing tools which will help both students and teachers gather needed information, sort and analyze that information in meaningful ways, and communicate their findings to a wide audience.
  • Continuing to increase opportunities for academic success for all students by adjusting for learning styles and multiple intelligences.


Trey Connolly
Computer Technician

Eugenia Dachenhausen
Data Manager

Donnie Elder
Director of Technology

Kathy Johnston
Administrative Assistant, Technology, Finance & Operations

James O'Brien
Computer Technician

James Ray Jr.
Computer Technician

Kevin Swaney
Network Engineer