Danae Thao

Danae Thao
Computer Lab Manager
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Cannons Elementary - Cannons Elementary Staff

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Welcome to computer lab! I am very excited and look forward to a wonderful school year. I teach third through fifth grade students in computer lab. The main focus in computer lab is keyboarding skills. Students use a program called Typing Quest when they come to computer lab. The versatile keyboarding course in this program helps students to go from a beginner level typist all the way to being advanced typing champions. Throughout the school year students will have the chance to work on other assignments and to practice their computer coding skills as well. 
Students need to be prepared for the future by providing them with the skills that are necessary for using computers. One of the most important skills in using a computer efficiently is keyboarding. Teaching students the correct methods of typing is an important step for success in their future. Keyboarding is now considered a motor skill. In today’s digital world, it is important for students to learn how to type, use reference tools on the Internet, and how to handle office programs. Typing practice is essential for making all of those tasks trouble free, simple, and effortless.

“We don't expect our students to write until we've taught them handwriting; we can't expect them to type if we haven't taught them keyboarding." Author Unknown

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